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Product name】Silcone products

OEM servise available.
we can make mould for you ,and also welcome your design

Dongguan Maosen Rubber & Plastics Co., Ltd offers to you rubber and silicon products and accessories including various machinery equipments, miscellaneous pieces of household hardware and electrical accessories, electronic toys, computers, sound equipments, air-conditioners and lighting fixtures, etc. In addition, other rubber products like rubber sealing strip for car, silicon rubber sealing strip, silicone tube, Fluorine rubber strip, EPDM dense sealing strip, foamed sealing strip, PVC sealing strip, TPE and TPV sealing strip, sponge sealing strip, dense-sponge and steel-reinforced sealing strip, four-composite sealing strip, solid-soft plastic strips, as well as EVA and self-adhered sponge products, punching forming products are also provided. The company develops and designs various accessories, mould machining for the clients.

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